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03 May 2017 @ 01:40 am

It's been a coupla days, I tell you. I feel really drained, but productive, so I guess that's a good thing? The scary thing is the week isn't even over for me, I still have so much to do >.<

i. On Sunday, dad was discharged from hospital. Read more...Collapse )

ii. On Monday I finally saw Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol 2 and I was surprised I enjoyed it so much. Some might not know, but the first movie was pretty much my favourite comic book movie EVER, but lately I've been a bit :/ because of my need to cleanse all Marvel things from my life XD Nah, it's nothing to do with my anti-Marvel stuff, and more to do with my disgust at Chris Pratt being a hunter for fun. I love Chris Pratt as an actor and he's pretty af but that just really got to me. However, I was able to push that away and enjoy his performance and fall in love with StarLord again. Okay, so Rocket will forever be my number one Guardian, but StarLord is still in there. For a while I've been getting annoyed with the marketing of the whole Baby Groot thing because the company are obviously playing on it, and I was like I BETTER NOT HAVE TO DEAL WITH TOO MUCH BABY GROOT but ten minutes in I was in love with him again XD I still prefer actual Groot, and I'm glad we'll have him back in the next movie. (I get super annoyed because in the comics Groot just re-grows super quickly, whilst the movies are like WE CAN MAKE LOTS OF MONEY ON BABY THING; I now hate myself that I loved it so much.) I definitely will be going to see it again - I saw the first one about 5 times, so we'll see how I'll go with this one.

iii. On Tuesday I went with Ryan to his medical examination. It pisses me off that you need to do all this stupid shit to prove you're mentally ill. I don't think I could cope with having to admit all that shit, and I am appreciative that he's comfortable enough to let me be in the room when he needs to talk about it. The doctor was lovely and really understanding, so I'm hoping it all went as well as we felt it did.

iv. Tomorrow (well, today, Wednesday) I'm going with my dad to speak to his counsellor (that makes them sound professional and whatnot, but it's the methadone clinic, and half these 'counsellors' know squat). I'm going to ask that she allows my dad to have his meds collected, like it we used to; for like, 20 years my mum collected them for him, then I did, but when we moved out his doctor randomly was like LOL YOU'RE OLDER AND FRAIL NOW SO YOU CAN DRINK IT IN THE CHEMIST which is just unfair. My dad is ill, anyone can see that, and expecting him to go to the chemist several times a week, drink his methadone in front of judging people all whilst he deals with his anxiety and mental health issues. Like, the very idea of it makes me angry because it's my dad and even if he pisses me off a lot, I hate that his own fucking doctor is trying to lord over him because he knows he has to do what he says. So, I will be telling his counsellor I want my brother or I to be put on the prescription to collect it, I want to know about the psychologist in the clinic, and tell them everything the doctor in the hospital said. I'll be pointing out I'm a full-time carer, have been for a long time, have dealt with mental health specialists and doctors alike, and I know what a patients rights are.

v. Thursday is my free day, so I'll most likely catch up on stuff I need to do, then on Friday I'm at Eastvale with mum for her psychiatric check up. I WILL NEVER BE FREE OF THIS STUFF, I SWEAR. (Actually, I'm considering looking into possible training/courses for this kind of thing, since I'm so in the deep end anyway!)

vi. I'm trying to catch up on my feed and stuff, so I apologise if you get comments on older posts!